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Guess who's back!

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I know, it's been a very long time since I last posted anything at all or added any new content. A lot has happened in my private life and I made a lot of regrettable decisions those past few months/years from which I still have to learn to recover from.

Truth to be told, I've been actually thinking of giving up my social networking life, but then, I also don't want all of my hard work to get wasted and unrecognized.

Anyway, I should probably start of with the past monthly specials instead of talking about my personal problems, shouldn't I?

September 2017: WINNER - Love Me Love Me

September goes to none other than WINNER! Truth to be told, I lost count of how many times I already featured them on this site, but I most definitely do not regret it.

When this song first came out, I refused to listen to it because well... I was still hung up about the fact that Taehyun left the group. No offense, but I loved the mellowness in their former songs, especially since I was able to relate to them on a personal level. However I slowly grew fond of their new pursued genre which is R&B. Really Really was a classic, South Korea's "new anthem" after BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby. Just for your information, it's confirmed by Korean netizens - specifically students. Haha.

Love Me Love Me definitely became one of my most listened songs in no time. It's that one Summer bop I could listen to at all times, no matter what season.

October 2017: Taemin - Move

Lee Taemin a.k.a SHINee's most beloved precious baby. I have no words left for him because he most definitely left me speechless. If I got the message right, it's all about his very own passion which is dancing.

Everyone knows that Taemin is a great dancer, everyone knows he's got the moves, everyone knows one gets drawn in once he just moves his goddamn hands or legs. That young mushroom head boy everyone adored in Star King, that one smol kid who slayed the hearts of thousands of noonas', that one boy who mastered the art of dancing, that is him. That is Lee Taemin, everybody. Please appreciate this man.

Appreciate him for his outstanding talents, but don't forget to appreciate SHINee as a whole as well because he loves his members dearly and would do anything to stand up for them. He's that one boy. K-Pop's original most treasured baby boy and South Korea's Michael Jackson, that's him. That's SHINee's Taemin.

November 2017: None

Just so you know, it's not like I listened to any new music. It's just that nothing was really catchy around that time. Therefor November will be left out.

December 2017: Jonghyun - Shinin'

I'm very well aware of it that Shinin's was released in January 2018, but let me dedicate December to one wonderful artist I will forever miss.

The second SHINee member to feature is none other than Kim Jonghyun. An artist, a poet, a producer, a lyricist, a dedicated member to his group, someone who brought laughter and multiple smiles to this world, someone who valued his family and friends, someone who comforted people he didn't know but was aware of their struggles and understood how they felt, someone who valued life more than anyone else, but lastly lost the battle with his own passion.

If I myself or someone was able to turn back time, I would've done everything by now to change it. Jonghyun was someone I valued from the bottom of my heart, but unfortunately did I only recognize his talent and started to give him my respect rather late, which was 10-9 months prior his death. I resented him for several for unnecessary reasons and I deeply regret it.

I will never understand how people were able to ignore his struggles. I will never understand how they just nodded and said it'll be okay. I know that feeling too well. One of those sentences a very depressed person wouldn't want to hear is "it'll be okay, you're not the only one, you will make it through", like NO. Anyway, I'm not here to rant about how depressions work.

All I ask of everyone is... Please appreciate him. Listen to his songs because they definitely make me feel at ease whenever I'm down. They make me feel special, as if I still hold value in this world despite of several things I've done. Jonghyun deserved it. He's an artist worth listening to, and that doesn't only apply to his songs on his released albums, but also songs he composed such as SHINee's Odd Eye, View and Prism as well as Lee Hi's Breathe. He's done so much for us, it's only fair to pay back to him.

January 2018: INFINITE - Tell Me

How am I supposed to face myself in the mirror if I don't include that one group I've been waiting to get a comeback from for more than a year?

That's right, INFINITE is back once more! Who would've thought they'd clear up those trophies and win 5 times in a row? I was worried for nothing. Really, I hated myself to have doubt them. For someone who knows that INFINITE has a stable fan base in Korea which would do everything to make them win over and over again am I a shame to the fandom itself. Just like any other title song of theirs,  I needed some time to get used to it, even more so because Tell Me had a fresh vibe to it. I was new, yet it had something significant which only INFINITE was able to pull of. Their typical "style" or something? I don't know. Tell Me was unexpected, for my body, my soul, my mind, my heart. I was taken off guard, I didn't know how to react. I expected a lot and I received so much more.

The whole album is unexpected. Fresh new vibes, yet that specific something they always pulled off. That's INFINITE. That one group which can pull anything new off without letting go of their own style. And this is why I love them.

February: iKON - Love Scenario

I think this is the first time ever I featured iKON. Yes? No? I don't remember truth to be told. Love Scenario is definitely one of their best releases in my opinion. After Birthday and Bling Bling, this song had a fresh vibe to it just like INFINITE's Tell Me, but in a different way. iKON is known for swinging between hard and soft songs. Love Scenario just came in right after all those "hardcore" and fast paced songs which have been released in January - aside from Tell Me. Ain't no wonder they got this far once more.

For iKON to have been treated like trash by YG in the beginning and climbing up with each each comeback, that's one thing only today's YG artists can do. Bein neglected and coming back at full power. WINNER and iKON surely made it up at this point

March: Kim Sunggyu - True Love

And last, but not least for this year, my current most favorite song by INFINITE's one and only leader and K-Pops ultimate grandpa, Kim Sunggyu: True Love. This time he's not back with a single or an EP, no. He's back with his first full length album after 5 years into his solo debut! CONGRATULATIONS GRANDHAMSTER! ♥

As you might've noticed by now (or not), Sunggyu is pretty much my top favorite singer and he's taken over that first place in my ranking for 6 continuous years. I may have swayed between different vocalists and other singer, but no one ever stood a chance against him. I'm such a dedicated fan. Really. He deserves some sort of medal.

Out of all artists I'd have a complete collection of, he'll be the first one I'll have all solo releases of. I ordered his 27 EP over a friend of mine, his Another Me EP should arrive next month and the limited and normal edition to 10 Stories should be delivered by this or next week. I'm still checking on any missed posters (because I want all of them). This man gave me feeling I didn't think existed. This is what I call true love. One may be swayed by one or another person, but the heart will be forever set on this special someone.

Kim Sunggyu, you've done magic on me and I truly, truly feel very blessed to have gotten to know an amazing singer like you.

Well, this is all to the past up to today's monthly specials. I'll tell you guys more about my personal life whenever I feel like it - which might take a while actually. Until then, have a nice week.

Best regards and lots of love, Rose ♥

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