What to expect from YuniCon 2018?

Dropped in August 12, 2018

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Yesterday I went to a rather small anime/gaming convention which is probably not all too well known in Austria or Vienna. It was my first time attending it and to be very honest, I expected so much more—which was obviously not right since it was the first time ever YuniCon has been hosted.

I admit, I was disappointed, but I should’ve expected it from such a small con. On the other hand, they used the event venue where Austria’s biggest anime/manga convention, AniNite, took place back then (Multiversum Schwechat) so…I wasn’t completely at fault to have had such high expectations.

Moving on; even though it was a rather small convention, my best friend, younger brother and me surprisingly had our share of fun in some way. On a side note, I fell in love with their mascot.

This is the main area of the venue. It’s rather large, like a small concert hall. It’s actually ideal for conventions and such as it has a very large numbers of rooms as well. It actually has a hall, big enough to be used for merchants, but if I remember right, as of one to two years ago, those who normally use the venue, a.k.a sports people, built a trampoline in it, filling it completely which leaves the question behind, where to put all of those merchants? That’s how AniNite has been moved to METAStadt.

By the way, the current program was how to do your makeup for cosplays. They were doing Popeye’s makeup. My childhood started to catch up on me upon encountering the same cosplayer in the elevator. ^^”

I didn’t take pictures of too many cosplayers because I was busy reviewing the whole event and things they provided. In other words, here are those I actually took pictures of. I actually got excited when I saw an Erwin cosplayer because well…the cosplayer went with that time where my dear commander already lost his arm. Not to be rude or anything, otherwise I may sound weird, but seeing people cosplay characters from significant arcs excites me a lot. On the other hand, my best friend and me kept hesitating to ask Mystic Messenger’s 707 and Yoosung for a picture. Yes, we actually don’t have any balls to ask for a picture. It’s pathetic.

Since my younger brother got tired after three or four hours, we decided to make the Sakura Maid Cafe our last stop. As we never ate a Japanese cheesecake before all three of us ordered it with different drinks. The consistence was completely different from any “normal” cheesecake. It wasn’t creamy, but also not hard. It felt like spongecake. I may not be some cake expert but I’m also sure that it wasn’t a spongecake. Otherwise, please correct me if it is a spongecake. It was very fluffy and easily filled up your stomach. Definitely a must try. I do recommend it. Me and my best friend added it to our bucket list for our Japan trip. Also, the dark layer on top is not chocolate. Its the bottom side after it has been backed.

We didn’t buy all too much merch because we only had a small and big backpack with us which were filled with drinks and food as well as the camera bag.

And, of course I couldn’t forget to buy stuff of my most favorite group as soon as I found a booth which sold K-Pop merchandise! I skipped SHINee because I wanted to save some money for the next convention which is pretty much next month. The more money, the more to buy. I normally hesitate to buy things since I’m trying to save up money for future purposes, but we’ll see about it during AniNite. Haha. Just fyi, I didn’t know at first what LOMO cards were until the booth seller told me that those were just picture cards. I still got them though as well as the t-shirt to INFINITE’s most recent comeback. *^*

At any rate, I hope you somewhat enjoyed reading this really long blog. Haha. Lastly, please enjoy this image. Not sure if it’s Harley Quinn, but never mind that.

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  1. Lucien commented in August 15th 2018 at 5:08 PM, UTC

    I’d never go to a convention (nor to a concert or anything like that) because I don’t like crowded places, but this looks cool….and I think smaller may be better, as you are able to see pretty much all the events without missing anything – in bigger conventions you always miss out on something, as many events are often held at the same time forcing visitors to choose.

    As for the slice of life anime, the only recently-made ones that comes to my mind are “The Ancient Magus’ Bride” (which has some fantastical elements, but it’s mainly a slice-of-life series) and the comedy “Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai” (which has not an anime series, but a live action one). Otherwise, a few less recent ones are Maid-sama, Kimi ni todoke, Ao haru ride, Tonari no kaibutsu-kun, Haikyuu! and Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (if you count sport series as slice of life).
    Sorry it’s so few titles, I’ve pretty much stopped watching anime altogether. ^^;;;

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