Film Festival 2018 at the Vienna City Hall

Dropped in August 17, 2018

I should’ve posted this much earlier but I wasn’t really in the mood due to recent happenings which will be mentioned another time. At any rate, YES! I went to another event this week with my best friend. For some reason did I become more active with exploring the city I’ve been born in ever since I called in sick at work due to my back.

On a side note: I have scoliosis. It’s not fatal, so there’s not much to worry about. My back just hurts from time to time, but allover am I alright and just need to exercise on a daily basis to strengthen my back muscles as well as going to physical therapy. No surgery, no brace, just exercise.

Moving on, as it’s a rather big and annual event, we did expect for a lot of people to come, especially since that day’s program was the opera to RomĂ©o et Juliette by Charles Gounod, and we weren’t wrong. There were at least 1000+ visitors, tourists included—although there weren’t many of them.

I admit, I loved it. Haha. Especially since different food stalls offered all sorts of foods and drinks at the back as well as how they decorated everything to give it a more pleasing, relaxing but also romantic vibe. Out of all Viennese events I ever attended, this was by far my most favorite. Not that I dislike Christmas or Easter, but the Summer Film Festival does have its very own kind of magic. Although, I am not one to judge as I am only starting to visit all sorts of events happening around in Vienna.

Another advantage I’d like to point out when attending the festival is you’ll get to see Vienna at night while you’re going home. Any city shines at it brightest at night and so does Vienna. (*shamelessly promotes Vienna*) The first and last time I walked through the city in the evening was one or two years ago, so it was very refreshing to get to see its beauty again in the middle of the night no matter how tired I was. We went home around 0:30 AM in case you’re wondering, because we were still having a light conversation, or rather fight while eating sausage and fries.

While walking home and admiring the city, I remembered Aldo asking me what exactly is good about Vienna. Looking back I should’ve told him to see it for himself because one has to experience the beauty of a place by travelling. It’s a pity for people who don’t think much of other countries cultures to never be able to see what they’re missing out.

Additionally to all of this, we went to the amusement park hours before the festival started, that’s from where the Pikachu comes from.

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