April: Hoya — Angel
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Game Updates

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Recently I started to play way too many visual novels - or more likely routes from diverse Voltage, Inc. games since they are extremely addictive and just make me want to cry. I practically downloaded every freaking single game from the App store, even wanted to move some to my iPod due to insufficient store on my phone, but the apps are not playable on the current iOS version of my Apple device.

Now to my experience. A lot of them were okay - okay as in that I expected the plot to be as good as the prologue seemed to be, though some of them were quite boring. For example: Kiss of Revenge. I played Issei's route, but it wasn't really interesting, though the way he has been presented as a person was quite interesting, so I've been currently thinking if I should get the epilogue and sequel of him as well.

I've watched almost every single prologue, I'm still left with Dreamy Days in West Tokyo, Enchanted in the Moonlight, Office Secrets, Our Two Bedroom Story, Pirates in Love and Seduced in the Sleepless City. Currently I am waiting for Her Love in the Force (My Lover is a PSD) and Koishite Matta Hoshi no Ōji (I Fell in Love with the Star Prince) to be translated for an English version (because I don't understand Japanese and Voltage won't publish the Japanese versions internationally - only national).

For some odd reason, I stopped playing those kind of games where you have to wait for a specific amount of time until you receive tickets. The only exception would be the Gree versions of Voltage's games.

I suppose you can guess already that I am a huge fan of Voltage games which is actually true. I like all kinds of slice-of-life visual novels. I am not much of a fan when it comes to fantasy (Shall We Date? a.k.a NTT Solmare, Corp.), though I do play some of them, but not as much as before. The funny thing is that because of Voltage's games my budget gets small with each day which sucks. So I have to find a job by January or my 50 Euros per month will become 0 by the next year.
You see how much I spend money I spend for these games? Please guys, do me a favor and don't play them if you don't have the money for it. Except if you really want to then we can all rant about those hotties in whichever game it shall be. Cough. NO. Kidding. I mean, we could if we can because there is no limit to my fangirling at the moment. (Most of all when it comes to half naked CGs.) I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING.

Anyway, have a nice day, folks and enjoy the newest photos of some cuties and hotties and whatever-you-want-to-call-them fictional characters!

Game Graphics:

  • 10 Days With My Devil (+13 ~ 43)
  • Be My Princess (+37 ~ 57)
  • A Knight's Devotion (+24 ~ 24)
  • Finally in Love Again (+5 ~ 5)
  • Kiss of Revenge (+5 ~ 5)
  • My Sweet Bodyguard (+6 ~ 6)
  • Shall We Date?: Angel or Devil (+10 ~ 10)

P.S.: Tutorials and other plot ideas including PNG renders should be coming soon. I am currently working on them, so no worries.

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