April: Hoya — Angel
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May & June Specials

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It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Two months to be more exact - almost three. Hah. Sorry for my absence. At any rate, since this post will be only dedicated to the past and this month's specials, I shall start now, right? For starters though: Do not expect me to mention someone you don't know or I haven't mentioned yet.

May: iKON - B-Day

May was originally dedicated for SHINee due to their 9th anniversary, but since this very likable group had their comeback, I just had to feature them this month - so here I am with someone I never mentioned before! Welcome to the list of my top favorite K-Pop groups, iKON! What can I say about them? They're talented and...man, truthfully, I don't know much about them except for their names and all the things regarding WIN and stuff. Basic information. I'm not that deep into them as I used to be with WINNER. Still, this video is lit. I actually prefer it more over their other title track "Bling Bling" even though the other song has meaningful lyrics unlike this one. But well, it has been done. I don't have much to say anyway. Enjoy listening to it!

June: Taemin - Flame of Love

Okay, some words to this video: I didn't like the main girl, but it was all over aesthetic, so I'm forgiving SM for adding a Caucasian into it. At any rate, yes, this is SHINee's youngest member, Lee Taemin. Why did I feature him and not Jonghyun or the whole group? First of all, Jonghyun's comeback was already months before; secondly, SHINee had their 9th anniversary in May and I originally wanted to dedicate this month to them if there wasn't iKON with their comeback; third, Taemin made his Japanese comeback this month! To be more specific, a few days ago. As you can see, I am completely into him. Haha. It's not as bad as you think though. All I do is keep myself updated with the activities of all SHINee (and INFINITE) members, that's why I know quite a lot of things about them.

Anyway, back to the main topic. Lee Taemin, born in the 18th July 1993, currently 23 years old, has an experience of 9 years, one of the best dancers among the current existing generations of K-Pop idols and on top of that, most improved member in SHINee. He went from having a few small lines as a supporting vocal to being a lead vocal along with their leader, Onew in a time span of 2-3 years. Yes, he is this amazing and I am still impressed at his rapid progress.

Taemin first solo debuted with the EP "Ace" and title track "Danger" in August 2014 at the age of 21 which made him to one of the youngest and on top of that successful soloists (who's part of an actual group) aside from the BIGBANG members. In February 2016 he a complete studio album which includes 10 tracks - two of them being title tracks, counting in "Drip Drop" and "Press Your Number". A few months after, he made his Japanese debut with the EP "Sayonara Hitori" (Eng.: Solitary Goodbye) in July; and this June his comeback EP "Flame of Love" has been released. The continuation to "Sayonara Hitori". Both having the same choreograph which would be none other than Sugawara Koharu.

Actually, I'm too lazy to talk about my personal thoughts about it, so simply hit me up over the guest book or comment section. Hah. I'm so sorry to make this short again. Still, I hope I was able to at least feed you guys some useful information.

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