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December Updates

Starting with last week, my days somehow became more active. On Wednesday, the new Christmas patch of Dragon Nest for the European server has been released and I am actually extremely happy since I'll receive once more tons of gifts in that game. Haha. I also finally finished leveling up my Gear Master and am currently trying to do the same with my Screamer, although she's quite far away from becoming level 80. I still have around 45 levels before me, I think? Not really sure anymore, but it honestly sucks. I'm lucky tho that I already know the dungeons and what would happen in them at some point.

Also, I started to get addicted again into playing dating sim games a.k.a otome games. Only because Ninja Assassin+ released a new character around November which would be non other than the Dutch vigilante and actual antagonist Willem. You see that picture on the right side? That's him. A real gentleman and sweetheart who has almost the exact same past as the MC (in my case Izumi) herself. Tragic story about losing the family/parents through an assassination and being sold to a group of assassins (if I remembered right - at least for Willem). I would actually recommend to play his route because it's quite entertaining and kept myself hyped up until now. I might not be done yet, but I am almost at the end. Still need two or three chapters. Won't take too long.

Other games I am currently playing would be Angel or Devil+ (Diaval), The Cinderella Contract (Turkiye/Asena), Gossip Girl PARTY (Alex Hansen), Love Legend of Sengoku (Akechi Mitsuhide) and Midnight Cinderella (Alyn Crawford). All of them are superb. I even considered on playing Sweet Scandal and My Sweet Proposal all over again, though it might be a bit difficult to keep up with so many games at once some time. However, I think I can do it.

At any rate, let's get over to my personal life. On Monday, a friend of mine had her 18th birthday. She actually wanted to go clubbing with another friend of ours and me, but since our other friend didn't want to including me, we somehow tried to change her mind about it and at the end, it worked out. XD

Well, it wasn't thanks to our effort anyway, it was more likely because we ate at a Chinese restaurant with the birthday kid's family until we were stuffed. Eventually she decided to leave the whole clubbing thing and thus we were released from it. Although my one friend and me were older than the birthday kid, we have zero experience when it comes to clubbing and whatever young adults do these days, so it was rather a good idea to leave it until one is either experienced or we're all ready for it and also have the guts. Haha.

As for any site updates: I finally added some content. Yay! Isn't that great? Lmao. But it's like a single web layout so far. It's the first layout I created for the domain so in regards to it, please take care of it very well as it is very special to me. Thanks a bunch! Plus, I deleted all related subdomains since I got sick of them at some point and I didn't want to go through the hassle to take care of these. Any further updates will be coming soon enough. Thank you once more!

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