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How was this year's Christmas?

How are you all and how was Christmas? New Year's Eve is already knocking against the doors and I swear over my dear life that I am not ready to enter 2016 YET. I have so many things which I wanted to finish this year but couldn't due to my laziness. God knows what I've done over the whole year. Wasted quite a lot of time because of my doings.

At any rate, I actually came by to announce that I found the time to add some new content. Yay! Isn't it great? I think I said the same in the last post too but nevermind that. I finally got to update a few things around here and to merge the files and folders in my cPanel because I wanted it too look more ordered and it worked. I'm very satisfied with the current state.

Games... I''m currently playing enough of them. Yesterday evening I finally got to add Be My Princess PARTY, Sweet Scandal, Sweet Scandal Returns and My Sweet Proposal. Any new updates about my gaming life would be, I got a new character on Dragon Nest which is another Warrior. You see I actually already have one which is a Mercenary at the moment, but since I wanted to try someone who's a DPS (damage per second), I decided to get another one, specialized as a Sword Master so that I could make him into a Moon Lord. Both are awesome and fun to play with.

When it comes to otome games, I'd rather show you a list to have an easier overview:

  • Be My Princess PARTY: None (Prologue)
  • Gossip Girl PARTY: Alex Hansen Story 1 (Episode 11)
  • Love Legend of Sengoku: Akechi Mitsuhide (Chapter 11)
  • Midnight Cinderella: Alyn Crawford (Part 6)
  • My Sweet Proposal: Sakura Ryoichi (on-hold)
  • Shall we date?: Angel or Devil+: Latis (finished), Diaval (on-hold)
  • Shall we date?: Love Tangle+: Miguel Fernandez vs Nolan "Arvin" Zarek Jr. (on-hold)
  • Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin+: Willem (Finished), Aoi (on-hold)
  • Shall we date?: The Niflheim+: Pale Ghost (on-hold)
  • Sweet Scandal: Amasawa Kaito (on-hold)
  • Sweet Scandal Returns: Yoshioka Shintaro (on-hold)
  • The Cinderella Contract: Turkiye - Asena (Chapter 10)

A lot of games are purposely on-hold because I want to increase stylish points or the currency since I always end up using too much for a single route which is well...quite troublesome for me. On the other hand, I want to finish the open ones first before starting or continuing something else, btu I think it won't last long until I play too much again.

It hasn't been updated yet, but I'll anyways have to do it within the next few days. Also, I'd like to tell you that you should definitely look forward to the next year because I still have a few freebies on my external storage which may be a bit old, but I don't want them to go to waste too. The possibility of me adding any things related to literature soon is very low because I've been reading through some older stories I wrote back then and wanted to add, but I just can't publish it here yet due to my horrible errors I made a few years back. XD

That's all, I guess. I hope you'll have a good week and have a blessed new year!

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