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Dragon Nest Europe: Level 70 Patch

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So, yeah. Today, until 12:00 AM (CET) there was a maintenance for the European version of Dragon Nest which got me all hyped up because I've heard from my older brother that Saint Haven would be given a new design. Unlike all other Asian versions (Sea, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) the European version receives the new updates much more later. However, I am still happy to see that the team's effort really paid off, though I have to get used to the lighter view of the non-Halloween-like patch as of now. Haha.

Not only that, but I also found out that my brother used to play the Sea version, though he stopped because the weapons costed a lot, including that everyone who boosts (level up) newbies, requires 10 gold which is a lot. If you are an Asian or a user, you might now why my brother stopped.
Lastly, if anyone plays Dragon Nest - specifically the European version, don't hesitate and add the following characters: Kiminai (Kali/Screamer), Babeeeth (Tinkerer/Engineer), Keithster (Cleric/Priest), Rikamia (Archer). All of them still didn't reach level 30, but I am currently concentrating on my cleric because the guild I am in needs someone who will be in charge of healing and some attacking while trying to take over a nest although my prother already has a paladin in the same guild.

If you want to know more about the classes, just visit this page. More information regarding this game can be found here.

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