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Just a quick update on what I’ve added so far. It won’t take too long as I didn’t add much yet, plus I’m tired from earlier. I know this comes sort of late and I’m really sorry about this.

I lost access to my external drive a few days back, so adding all former web designs might take a bit longer until I get to visit a specialist who will take care of it. As for the bases/renders/writings, those will come with the time being. I didn’t have much time yet to take care of it due to personal reasons.

At any rate, have a nice week!

[EDIT:2019/09/06] I had to change the Cbox due to technical problems—more like a conflict between the old layout and WordPress. For some reason it keeps disappearing as soon as the SSL certificate gets activated. So here I am with a brand new tagboard. Also, if you wish to add your link and an additional profile picture into the Cbox, just click on that profile icon on the top left from the form. You’ll be able to add both without problems. [/EDIT]

Film Festival 2018 at the Vienna City Hall

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I should’ve posted this much earlier but I wasn’t really in the mood due to recent happenings which will be mentioned another time. At any rate, YES! I went to another event this week with my best friend. For some reason did I become more active with exploring the city I’ve been born in ever since I called in sick at work due to my back.

On a side note: I have scoliosis. It’s not fatal, so there’s not much to worry about. My back just hurts from time to time, but allover am I alright and just need to exercise on a daily basis to strengthen my back muscles as well as going to physical therapy. No surgery, no brace, just exercise.

Moving on, as it’s a rather big and annual event, we did expect for a lot of people to come, especially since that day’s program was the opera to Roméo et Juliette by Charles Gounod, and we weren’t wrong. There were at least 1000+ visitors, tourists included—although there weren’t many of them.

I admit, I loved it. Haha. Especially since different food stalls offered all sorts of foods and drinks at the back as well as how they decorated everything to give it a more pleasing, relaxing but also romantic vibe. Out of all Viennese events I ever attended, this was by far my most favorite. Not that I dislike Christmas or Easter, but the Summer Film Festival does have its very own kind of magic. Although, I am not one to judge as I am only starting to visit all sorts of events happening around in Vienna.

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What to expect from YuniCon 2018?

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Yesterday I went to a rather small anime/gaming convention which is probably not all too well known in Austria or Vienna. It was my first time attending it and to be very honest, I expected so much more—which was obviously not right since it was the first time ever YuniCon has been hosted.

I admit, I was disappointed, but I should’ve expected it from such a small con. On the other hand, they used the event venue where Austria’s biggest anime/manga convention, AniNite, took place back then (Multiversum Schwechat) so…I wasn’t completely at fault to have had such high expectations.

Moving on; even though it was a rather small convention, my best friend, younger brother and me surprisingly had our share of fun in some way. On a side note, I fell in love with their mascot.

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