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I'm so sorry!

Image by gmadriano

I'm seriously sorry for not updating this site for...I don't know how long. Ahahaha. Now that was awkward. The main reason for it would be because I was extremely concentrated in leveling up my characters from Dragon Nest. I practically created one of each and I somehow have an itchy feeling that I am addicted into this game which just sucks. However, aside from playing some MMO RPG which probably 0.1% of you guys know, I also started to roleplay again.

I also realized that inbox roleplay is kind of fun, most of all when it's in 3rd  POV and when the other person and you would discuss about the plot out of characters in the meanwhile. LMAO. What am I talking about?

Anyway, a whole other things would be that I was busy watching videos from my favorite boy groups as well as anime and reading mangas. Also, I started reading fan fictions again. This time, the medal of honor received Teen Top! Let's give them a round of applause, people. It almost sounds like I'm really talking to you guys.

However, the fun thing about Dragon Nest right now would be that the Christmas Patch is finally out and there's a dungeon called "Santa Orc's Escape". All you have to do is attack Santa Orc (better in a party of four people) and pick up the gifts he leaves behind. It's quite fun and I even got to buy a caribou. ISN'T THIS AWESOME?! Sorry for exaggerating. I'm just too excited because Christmas is coming near.

Happy Holidays to everyone out there!

A whole new idea of mine would be creating a network. Like one domain would be for the creative side of mine, resources, fan listings and a few more others. I'm still not sure though if I really should do this.

That's all for today's update. Have a nice day!

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