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Because I got bored...

Icon by makotoos

I filled up my Google Play Store credit with 50€ just in case the releases of the new Voltage updates should be soon. And oh well, I would've never imagined that Her Love in the Force would come out today. I actually planned on playing Ishigami's route at first, but it''s still not out so I got Goto. A subordinate of Ishigami. And just like every Voltage game I've played so far, there are three words I would like to express towards it: I loved it! Like, heck I am so glad that the remaining credit could be at use before I would send my phone for reparations.

My phone doesn't really have any major issues like a broken screen or other things. There's only this annoying thing about the speakers. I can't listen to music without headphones and can't phone with someone unless the loudspeaker is on or I have my headphones on which is just the strangest thing ever. It's not like it bothers me since I anyway got used to it after six months, but after some thinking, I realized that I want to listen to music again without having any earphones. Same with phoning which just sucks.

I can totally live for two to three weeks without a phone since I have a laptop and and iPod. Internet wouldn't be an issue if the company should disconnect us since I still have the library which is only around 20 minutes away from us when riding the subway.

Now back to the game. I would've had the time to play Goto's route in My Sweet Bodyguard, but since they are releasing story bundles, I will be willing to wait for him. And Ishigami. Of course. Though I won't be anyways able to play any Voltage games since my phone will be away, plus I have to wait for next month until my bank account gets filled with money again. You see the issue with someone like me? I need money for school, food and games which is just the most ridiculous things ever but never mind. My love life is totally sucked in, but I don't care anyway. I am not a regular girl who would usually spend tons of money for clothes and makeup and whatnot. (Just honestly stating, I don't like makeup to begin with. It feels heavy on my skin and makes me all sweaty during summer.)

Since I am drifting off from the game again, I shall come to the main point: The only thing which really sucks is that Her Love in the Force has a whole other system than the other older and newer games. For example: In True Love Sweet Lies you'll get two endings. Though you can refer both of them as "Happy Endings" because either way you'll receive graphics by the end. In Her Love in the Force, there are two Main Stories/Routes. In the first one there is only the getting to know each other and the MC realizes her feelings for the selected 2D man. In the second main story--you must have realized by now that it's about falling in love for each other and where things become real. I would love to complain about it to Voltage and tell them that it's not right to divide it into two stories where we have to buy for the same price for 10 Episodes only instead of 13-15.

Now to the updates: Aside from this I was really eager the past few days working on some PNG renders, new plots to adopt (which are originally plots I have given up on) and icons. Just don't be upset about the icons though. I am not good when it comes to editing. Haha. That's all for now. Have a nice week!

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