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Currently I have autumn holidays. Don't ask me why we have these kind of holidays, I'm not really concerned for the reason behind it, I am just glad that I finally get some free days from school. However, I still have to study for geography because we will be having a test on Monday which clearly sucks.

Now to the main point of this post: Recently I just chatted with my "ex long distance relationship partner". He's my cousin. A kind of far away one, but still related to me at some point. I've got to admit that I felt somehow upset for a few days when he referred his current girlfriend already as his "wife". You see, from where I come from - which is obviously Philippines, you will only call each other wife/husband if you are either way already married or the female partner is pregnant. Tragic, right? Anyway, I highly doubt that they are married since a wedding itself costs a lot which leads to the only possibility that he made her pregnant.

Now back to the point. Like I mentioned before, I was a bit of upset for a few days and was even about to cry because he eventually meant a lot to me after being rejected from my first one-sided love. He would always tell me the sweetest things of which you could only dream to hear from your ideal dream guy - where I've got to admit that some of them just sounded either way creepy or just overly too much that I could throw up.

I told my family and friends about it and I've got to admit, it eased my feelings for a bit. Just a few days ago, I got to chat with him over Facebook. Thank god I was online on my phone in that hour or I would've waited a freaking week for his reply. Anyhow, we had a normal conversation - in fact, it almost seemed like as if we were good friends which made me glad. I somehow managed to shake off my feelings for him during that time, but there's still a tiny part of me which trembles in fear and hurt, calling out his name while saying that he shouldn't love that girl of his.

But I think, even though there's still a tiny glimpse of hope in me, I decided to support him no matter what and even if it goes against my own feelings. Though I'll probably tell him the truth when we see again so that I could let go of those unnecessary feelings completely.

Now to some updates in my life as a gamer: I finished all routes from Serendipity Next Door because I didn't have anything to do except for studying and maybe buying a few things including playing Dragon Nest with my older brother. I also started playing Finally in Love Again and Be My Princess plus the Halloween Special for 10 Days With My Devil. There are rumors going on from A Knight's Devotion that there will be a route for the butler of the MC, still let's see whatever the result will be.

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