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The Geek Behind the Site

Name: Venirose Christien A.
Nicknames: Bebeth, Chrisi, Rose
Web-Name/Pseudonym: Rose, Rose A.
Date of birth: October 17th
Ethnicity: Filipino
Current location: Vienna, Austria
Occupation: Student, employed

Network: Odd Eye Network

Personality wise am I usually quiet around people I don’t know or don’t talk to all too often, though I’m very easy going once someone approaches me. I don’t keep in touch with people I’m not all too close with and I’m also not the type who tolerates those who talk bad about my dear ones or treat people unfair.

My hobbies include writing and reading stories, watching anime, documentaries, YouTube videos, Asian dramas, variety and reality shows, playing games, cleaning—keeping things tidy and organized to be more exact, researching things I’m interested in and going out for walks whenever I’m not too lazy for it.

I’m an enthusiast of anime, manga, mythologies from various cultures, historical events and characters, otome and farming games, travelling and astrology.

I mainly listen to instrumental music, anime OSTs, J-Rock, K-Pop; although when it comes to K-Pop, there’s only a two groups I listen to 24/7 which includes, INFINITE and SHINee.

The Path as Designer and Provider

I don’t know why it’s like this, but everything starts always with Asianfanfics. When I first opened Bebentoo’s Review Shop the layout looked…pretty basic. Simple and easy to create. Anyone could recreate it with MS Office Word 2003. I didn’t like complicated things back then—at least that’s what I thought until a layout shop inspired me to do something about it.

I started with basic HTML elements and attributes which are used for text editing. After some while I created a blog to my review shop as an archive and due to my current interest in K-Pop, I searched for a layout for it which featured either SHINee, 2PM or any other group I liked that time. That’s where I stumbled upon Dorkistic by Chazz and Wowbeat by Nine (formerly Nine Creativity).

After ordering my very first layout from Chazz I started to experiment around with CSS with some other sites as references and by manipulating premade layouts from BlogSkins (which you guys shouldn’t do too). I also realized that using internal/external CSS for layouts makes things much easier, but that it doesn’t work with Asianfanfics.

I created my very first self-made layout in 2014 and named it ‘Daemonic’ featuring Nagato Yuki from the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise. And this is where my path as an amateur web blogger, designer and provider started.

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