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The Domain

Site Name: Zyglavister
Registered: November 2, 2015 (.info) & September 2, 2016 (.com) on Namecheap
Opened/Re-Opened: November 6, 2015 & September 9, 2016
Hosted by: Prism Hosting
Layout Nr.: 4, Zygos
Best Viewed: Google Chrome – 1366 x 768 Resolution
Powered by: WordPress, FusionNews
Listed at: Smooth Sailing Listings

About the Name

Zyglavister comes from the name of a selectable character from the interactive dating sim game ‘Star-Crossed Myth’ by Voltage Inc. which has been released in February 2015. The character Zyglavis is the ruler of the constellation of libra as well as the minister of the department of punishment. Due to my love for him and myself being a libra, I came up with the name Zyglavister.

Useful Information: The name is Greek (Ζυγολαβις) and originates from the Greek word Ζυγός (Zygós) for the zodiac—meaning ‘yoke’ or ‘balancing scales’.


Zyglavister went through a whole lot of up and downs. The site has been first registered as a .info domain and it’s very first host was Promised Host. Due to an unresponsive host whenever I had questions or encountered a problem, I decided to look up several other hosts. My top choices would’ve been Little Dancer, Snow Blush, Tetsunosuke or EMN Hosting, however thanks to a good friend who’s way more experienced with web hosting services, I settled with IceGlow Hosting—although I had to re-register the domain because my current host never responded to my account cancellation and the domain expiration was due in two months.

After moving host and changing domain everything went fine; that is until the server went down for approximately 1-2 days. It wasn’t that bad until it kept happening every few weeks. There were rarely any announcements, but even if there were any, they came in late. This is why I decided to move host for the fourth time.

Coming to my most recent previous host, BuyShared was one great host. They had everything I’ve been looking for. No downtimes, they were very responsive whenever I encountered problems, I had enough space for my files and so on. It was one complete package and I could’ve never been happier. Now, you might be wondering why I moved again host though. I have a very simple reason.

I had three registered domains which costed me around 40-50EUR/year and the reseller hosting service I had for Odd Eye costed approximately 42-45EUR/month, which is a total of 650EUR/year. So instead of spending almost 10-20EUR x 3 per year for hosting services each month, I decided to come up with this solution: Make myself a reseller, getting myself free hosting services and giving free space to other web users.

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