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Hello & Welcome back! posted by Rose on July 13th 2017
Sing Me Your Story posted by Rose on May 26th 2017
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Sing Me Your Story

Category: Writing/Literature
Start: March 29, 2017
End: Indefinite

"Music is philosophy. Every chord, every word tells a story. If you listen, you will know its meaning." - Kamada Ndama

This is a special series which I recently came up with while listening to some older groups I haven't heard from for years. There is no definite ending to this, so be prepared for a list of one-shots, maybe also chaptered stories, based on songs. This series will feature a lot of various artists (mostly those I stan). The pairings will depend on how I think it will work out and there will be times where I will let the readers vote.

Participants: Rose
Hosted on: Asianfanfics, Archive Of Our Own, Wattpad

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