Quick Update

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Just a quick update on what I’ve added so far. It won’t take too long as I didn’t add much yet, plus I’m tired from earlier. I know this comes sort of late and I’m really sorry about this.

I lost access to my external drive a few days back, so adding all former web designs might take a bit longer until I get to visit a specialist who will take care of it. As for the bases/renders/writings, those will come with the time being. I didn’t have much time yet to take care of it due to personal reasons.

At any rate, have a nice week!

[EDIT:2019/09/06] I had to change the Cbox due to technical problems—more like a conflict between the old layout and WordPress. For some reason it keeps disappearing as soon as the SSL certificate gets activated. So here I am with a brand new tagboard. Also, if you wish to add your link and an additional profile picture into the Cbox, just click on that profile icon on the top left from the form. You’ll be able to add both without problems. [/EDIT]

Reusing a former Layout

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Don’t ask why I’m doing this…again. Tho, if you really are this curious, I’ve been loving this layout since the day I created and first used it. Since it’s WordPress compatible and hasn’t been used for too long the last time I put it up, I decided to give it another chance.

I did make some minor changes, but I highly doubt anyone who’s seen this layout before will know what kind of changes I made since they’re very tiny. I kind of feel nostalgic seeing this theme. Haha. Brings back childhood memories for some reason, but that’s alright.

I also decided to officially dedicate this layout to my family; at least the part which isn’t in this world anymore. The rain drops, colors and all should somewhat represent that we’re all the same, but also individually unique. Aside from this, since blue is my favorite color and this layout has a lot in it as well as some green, it calms my nerves and makes me less nervous whenever I post something.

That’s all I wanted to say. I hope you guys have a good week ahead and the rest of the content will come up within the next few days/weeks. I’m slowly recovering from the severe pain of scoliosis, so it might take a while. Not all too long tho. ^^

Web Design: Artificial Intelligence

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  • Featured: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
  • Designed: December 16, 2015
  • Type: DIV, PHP
  • Best viewed: Chrome
  • Credits: HeaderJunction (Header), Backgrounds Etc (Background)

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